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The Other “F” WORD: YA Feminist 4-wk Workshop

Young Adult (YA) women are bombarded with messages of who they should be, what they should do, and how they should look. Even pro-feminist messages are commercialized, confusing, and shaming.

This interactive, 4-week workshop aimed at 12- to 16-year-old young women will help t(w)eens learn what feminism is (and isn’t) all about. Topics include, but aren’t limited to:

Week 1: Who, What and Why Feminism?

Week 2: In and Outs of Intersectionality

Week 3: Mediating Media Messages

Week 4: Looking Forward: College, Work, Friends, Love, and more

Meet new friends, learn more about yourself, and identify ways to smash the patriarchy to smithereens.

 Dr. Garner is a local mom with 10+ years of teaching experience, too!

Register at 

OR email any time!

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